Resilience: Part Three of Three

Finding Beauty Amongst the Chaos of Change: Mapping Your Course

Sometimes you can’t see what you’re learning till you come out the other side…

Part Three: Mapping Your Course

When everything breaks, we rush to fix it — trying to put things back just as they once were. No one got through the past 12 months unscathed, but people have never been taught how to deal with sustained chaos. We need to learn how to organize the jumble that these events leave in their wake. Now, as the world opens back up, we can begin to see just how broken we were — broken in a way that can’t be fixed. What do we want to go back to? Let’s not rush to the way things were. Instead, let’s reassemble our brokenness with new pieces and in new ways.

Illustrations by Kaitlyn Shinault

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Rahshia Sawyer is a creative professional and third-culture individual based in the Washington DC area.

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